Make it a Group Effort.

In 2005, Body Physics was one of the first in the area to introduce fitness boot camps. We continue to lead the way in fitness innovation by offering new and exclusive group fitness programs designed and implemented by us.  We are committed to innovating and raising the bar in fitness. Read below to learn about the new classes designed by Body Physics.


The perfect combination of resistance, cardiovascular, endurance, flexibility, and agility training.

This class is safe enough for the beginner to exercise, but will be a challenge for even the most experienced athlete.


Want an awesome 45 minute intense full body work-out? Cycling is a fat burning, muscle building, riding experience that will transform your body. Get your sweat on with pumping music that will keep you moving!


Imagine the perfect blend of cycling, weight lifting and cardio wrapped up in a sweaty bow. Cycle Fusion is a class that does it all. Your body will love you.

Interval Cardio Tone (ICT)

ICT is designed to provide a heart pumping workout combined with full body muscle burn. Each class includes resistance exercises in sequence that will raise the heart rate to an aerobic workout level.