When you start exercising at Body Physics, you will learn:

• Why Strength Training must be at the heart of every fitness routine.
• Why you do not need to spend countless hours on monotonous cardio machines. 
• How in 30 minutes you can complete both your aerobic and muscle toning workout portions. 
• How to move quickly from machine to machine and perform strategically placed exercises to control your heart rate.
• The importance of working your muscles to the point of momentary muscle failure.
• Why you should work your muscles two times per week.
• The importance of proper rest.
• How to incorporate Active Restance into your workout.

Why should I use a personal trainer?
The benefits of using a personal trainer are so numerous that they could fill an entire book. 

The main benefit of using a personal trainer is the motivation that their one on one attention will offer to you. 
During your appointment, you will command their undivided attention. Their main focus will be providing you with
the best workout possible. Instead of just going through the motions, your trainer will ensure that you are focused
on your task at hand.

A personal trainer is like your personal coach. When you commit yourself to using a personal trainer you know that
you are utilizing their time. They fit you in to their busy schedule, so you know that they are waiting for your
appointment. They hold you accountable for getting to the gym that day and completing your workout.
You can not get proper results without proper form. What's more important is that improper form can cause injuries. 
When you are working with a personal trainer, you will receive instant feedback as to whether or not you are doing the
proper form to facilitate proper results in the safest way possible.

One of the most important aspects of fitness training is progression. If you want to facilitate changes in your body, 
you must constantly push your body to do harder tasks. This may entail new exercises, heavier weights, or just more
repetitions. Whatever is needed for you to progress, you can be sure that your personal trainer will give you the
instant feedback necessary to get you the results you desire.

While Body Physics provides all of its members with fitness routines customized to your specified goals, personal
trainers will provide you with the knowledge to give your workout the variety necessary to speed up your results and
keep your body guessing about what is coming next.

Our personal trainers are educated to the top levels. They possess college fitness degrees, nationally recognized
certifications, years of experience, and they are fully insured.

When you have a standing appointment with a personal trainer, you never miss your workouts. It becomes part of your
weekly routine.